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Gorilla Mind Bundle

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Gorilla Mind Bundle
Gorilla Mind Bundle Gorilla Mind Bundle Gorilla Mind Bundle Gorilla Mind Bundle
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  • If you rely on knocking out 16+ hour super productive workdays not just once and a while, but on a regular basis, year round, this is the cognitive enhancing stack you will want.

    Each Bundle Contains:

    1x Gorilla Mind Rush (90 Capsules) Normally Priced: $59.99

    1x Gorilla Mind Smooth (90 Capsules) Normally Priced: $54.99

    Gorilla Mind Rush

    * Start with only 1-2 capsules on an empty stomach to assess your tolerance.

    User experience will vary and is dose-dependent, but this is what you can expect if you take Gorilla Mind Rush in the morning, on an empty stomach -

    Within 15 minutes - You will notice that your state is starting to change, it may be subtle at first.

    Within 30 minutes - You will notice that you are more focused, your thinking will be noticeably more clear, your energy levels will be slightly higher. Your motivation to be productive will increase.

    At 1 hour - You will undoubtably notice that you are far more focused and can better concentrate despite any distractions. Productivity will begin to exceed your baseline. Your energy levels will be up, but stabilize at 1 hour. You may notice a decrease in stress, anxiety coupled with a much higher attention span if multitasking. Appetite suppression will be noticeable as well.

    After 90 minutes - Your focus, concentration, memory recall and retention will be far beyond your normal state. This state will fully last for another 5 or 6 hours. If this improvement in alertness isn't 100% obvious, consider taking an additional 1 to 3 capsules (maximum dose per 24-hours is 6 capsules). Significant appetite suppression will be obvious after 90 minutes as well.

    After 6 hours - The effects of 3 capsules of Gorilla Mind Rush will very slowly wear off. You will feel absolutely no crash or coming down, unless you have consumed additional caffeine (or similar stimulants).

    This is one of the best things about Gorilla Mind - NO CRASH (no joke)

    After 10-12 hours - You will return to your baseline state in cognitive ability and appetite. However, you probably WILL NOT feel physically or mentally fatigued. Gorilla Mind Rush lasts for 8-10 hours and has an extreme 'anti-fatigue' effect. This is why it is important to NOT take Gorilla Mind Rush close to bedtime or in the late afternoon unless you plan to be awake for the following 10 hours.

    Gorilla Mind Smooth

    User experience will vary and is dose-dependent, but this is what you can expect if you take Gorilla Mind Smooth on an empty stomach (without additional caffeine) -

    Within 15 minutes - You will notice that your ability to focus and concentrate is slightly higher than your baseline state.

    Within 1 hour - You will notice that your ability to focus and concentrate is undoubtedly increased beyond your baseline state. Only a very slight increase in energy will be observed.

    After 90 minutes - Your ability to be productive, concentrate, multitask without being distracted will peak and remain for an additional 4 or 5 hours. Anxiety levels WILL NOT be aggravated and you may notice a slight increase in well-being. Very minor appetite suppression may be noticed, but it will not be significant.

    After 6-8 hours - You will slowly return to your baseline cognitive state. Gorilla Mind Smooth will not compromise your sleep cycle (provided that you do not combine it with Gorilla Mind Rush, additional caffeine or stimulants). Gorilla Mind Smooth has ABSOLUTELY NO CRASH.

    (For those who regularly consume coffee) 
    Try 3 capsules of Gorilla Mind Smooth in the morning with iced coffee and - if needed - 4 hours later with iced coffee.

  • Fortunately, the majority of our ingredients will not cause tolerance build up, and some of them actually have a cumulative effect where they become more effective the longer you stay on them.

    However, there are a variety of potent stimulants in Gorilla Mind Rush.

    Typically, the ingredients that do cause a notable rise in tolerance are stimulants, and stimulants should be used intermittently or cycled to avoid tolerance build up.

    To completely avoid tolerance build up with Gorilla Mind, Gorilla Mind Rush would be used exclusively on days where a greatly heightened level of energy/productivity is required, whereas Gorilla Mind Smooth would be used on the more tame days of the week that have you being more stationary for the majority of your day.

    By creating a regimen where you are prioritizing your product use effectively you can prevent any kind of tolerance build up, and successfully incorporate cognitive enhancement into a long-term lifestyle choice.


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